Next Week's SES NY 2006 Highlights

In a few hours, I'm shutting down the computer, finishing packing, then grabbing a flight to New York tomorrow for our upcoming Search Engine Strategies NY conference. We're well set to be even larger than last year's monster show. The event is literally stuffed with a ton of sessions for search marketers of all abilities and needs. I wanted to share some highlights for those still considering going or for those already on their way.

Barry Diller, chairman and CEO of InterActiveCorp, will be kicking off the show with a keynote conversation with me on the morning of the first day, February 27. IAC owns Ask Jeeves along with a variety of vertical search properties. Not lucky enough to see the keynote in person? Listen to it live at 9am Eastern time at Alternatively, about 15 minutes after the keynote ends, we'll have it up in downloadable podcast form. Just subscribe to our Daily SearchCast podcast, and you'll receive this special edition of the show.

The entire show agenda is online, and over 60 different sessions are offered. We also have a number of cool sessions you won't want to miss, such as:

  • Pundits On Search: What do big voices have to say on search issues? Come ask them yourself! I'll be moderating a panel featuring David Vise, author of The Google Story; Zia Daniell Wigder, VP and Research Director, JupiterResearch; and three search blogvangelists, Robert Scoble from Microsoft; Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo and Matt Cutts from Google.
  • Search Advertising: Now & Future: What's the state of search advertising now and where's it going, especially as search leaps out of the browser and into places like our TVs, phones and music players? This session with search engine executives explores the topic.
  • Searchonomics: Serious & Fun Stats: Get up to speed with stats on the growth of search, then enjoy the lighter side of how we search online.
  • The Search Landscape: Who's winning the search engine wars and how? This session has some of the metrics that help tell the story.
  • Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud Issues: Did you really get that much traffic from paid listings last month or is something funny going on? Reviewing your paid traffic is an essential task any serious search engine marketer should undertake. Tips and issues are covered.
  • Practical Copyright & Trademark Guidance for Webmasters and SEMs: Your competitor is bidding on your trademarked name. Some splogger is profiting off of your copyrighted work via RSS ("really simple stealing"). What's a law abiding netizen to do? Come find out from our panel of experts in this highly interactive session.
  • Who's Watching Whom: Search & Privacy: Over the past year, search engines have rolled out or enhanced personalized search and search history features. New search behavioral targeting systems are also developing. Add to that a recent US Department Of Justice request for search query data, and you've got growing search privacy worries. In this session, a lively discussion of the data search engines collect when you conduct a search, how such data is/should be handled, whether the government has any right to subpoena it and other issues.
  • Ad Agencies & Search: As search continues to get hot, are ad agencies missing out on one of the most important online advertising venues going? Some ad agencies are now acquiring SEM firms to enlarge their portfolio of services. Others continue to outsource. Some may still not tap into search at all. This session explores what agencies may need to consider as the search space grows and how to ensure they aren't falling behind.
  • Putting Search In The Ad Mix: Search engine marketing should be considered as an essential part of any overall marketing campaign, online and off. In this session, we look at successes from considering search from the very beginning, failures that result if this is not done and how other marketing can also help search.
  • Branding & Search: What impact does search have on branding? This session look at the role of search in building brand, as well as how branding can support search.
  • Lunch With The Google Engineers - Just confirmed and soon to be posted to the agenda, this will run from Noon through 12:45pm on the first day of the show, Feb. 27. Grab your lunch, grab a seat, get updated on Google web search and lob some questions at the assembled panel of engineers.
  • Evening Forum With Danny Sullivan: No PowerPoints, no set agenda. I just guide the audience into a giant group discussion on topics they are interested, with a lot of fun along the way.

There are many, many sessions beyond those above, in tracks such as:

  • Fundamentals
  • Stats & Research
  • Vertical Search
  • Search Advertising
  • Search Issues
  • News & Blogs
  • Organic SEO
  • Advanced Organic SEO
  • Linking
  • Retailer Issues
  • Agency & Branding Issues
  • In House Issues
  • Local Search
  • Measuring
  • Site Clinics

The Conference at a Glance page gives you a fast look at everything, and from there you can drill down into more detailed information for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. Whatever your particular search marketing interest or skill level, there are sessions designed for you.

Beyond the sessions, there are events. Our OFFICIAL SES NYC 2006 Party & Events Schedule at the Search Engine Watch Forums keeps you up to date on those.

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