Hosted Doorway Pages & Paid Links Back At Stanford University

Bouncing ball time. Last April, I wrote about how the Stanford Daily newspaper was selling links for those seeking to rank better on Google, ironic given that Google was born out of Stanford University and is very anti-link selling. Then last May, the newspaper decided to abandon paid links along with doorway pages it hosted for third parties. Today, SEW Forums moderator AussieWebmaster notices that paid links and hosted web pages have come back, such as you'll see at the bottom of the paper's home page here and a hosted page here.

Nope, I don't see the use of nofollow as Google's Matt Cutts recommends, nor is the page banned by robots.txt from being indexed. Far from it, it's ranking well.

AussieWebmaster -- Frank Watson -- oversees a site for currency trading terms, which is why the Stanford-hosted page came to his attention. It currently ranks fifth out of about 40 million pages that Google has indexed for the term forex.

Well heck, at least the page carries Google's own AdSense ads on it :)

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