Google Jumps Into Social Tagging With New Google Reader Feature

Philipp Lenssen notes that the Google Reader Blog has announced that you can now share the content you read with your friends, family, colleagues and others. This is a big move for Google, what seems to be the first time they've allowed people to both tag and importantly share that tagged content with others.

Google's had tagging in the form of "labels" at Gmail for some time and recently added (and also see here) bookmark/tagging features to the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. However, items you tagged couldn't be shared with others.

In contrast, Yahoo allows people to share tagged content through its My Web 2.0 service, not to mention owning two posterchilds of the tag-and-share movement, and Flickr.

Now Google's on the sharing scene. Perhaps they'll even begin saying "tags" rather than "labels," as they did originally in the Google Reader announcement, only to later fall back to the preferred term of labels:

Additionally, if you use the tagging labeling feature of Reader, you can label items and share them.

To begin sharing your reading lists or add a clip to your blog, go to and open the Share tab. Check the 'shared' check box to opt-in to sharing your starred items or selected labels.

For examples, Philipp shared this page as items labeled "google". You can also share your "starred" pages.