LookSmart's Zeal Directory To Close

Once a potential rival to the Open Directory, LookSmart had decided to close its volunteer-driven Zeal directory at the end of this month. LookSmart acquired the service in 2000. Though the Zeal site itself is still accepting registrations, here's the closure message LookSmart's sent out:

Dear Valued Zealots and Contributors,

Thank you for being a part of the Zeal community and contributing your time and knowledge to the Directory. After trying to put the deserved resources behind Zeal, we have made the conscious decision to shut down Zeal.com. On March 28, 2006 Zeal will no longer be available. We are not selling Zeal.com and have no future plans for it at this time.

We think that avid Zeal users will appreciate the large, interesting and vital community at Furl.net (www.furl.net). Furl is an online book marking service that helps you save information that?s important to you, share it with others and see what others are saving and find important.

With Furl you can:

  • Save Web pages to a personal, permanent archive with 5GB of storage
  • Revisit the full text of your favorite Web pages
  • Share articles and information with friends and family members with simple email pass-along tools
  • Use Furl as a platform for social networking and discovering useful information
  • Share articles and information with people that share common interests using RSS feeds
  • See what other Furl members are saving and sharing
  • Save your favorite Zeal content

Whether you are browsing the Web, travel planning, recipe sharing, house hunting or researching, Furl is a wonderful tool. Join the thousands of people that are using Furl every day to find, save and share information that is important to them.

Postscript: Chris Fillius who was involved with Zeal early on shares some thoughts on its demise in Zeal.com, R.I.P. at his Search Lounge blog, plus Guest Obituary for Zeal, by Alice Swanberg there has some further thoughts on the closure.