Stupid Newspaper Publishers, Search Engines Are Your Friends

I left newspaper reporting about ten years ago because it was clear the industry had no idea how to transition to an online world, and I didn't want to be stuck behind. Today's Chicago Tribune article, Papers, Web sites in scrape on stories, just tells me things don't appear to have improved much. Search engines, including Google, get a fresh dose of being leeches for using content. Except publishers, they don't reprint your content. They reprint summaries and link to your articles. And if you'd get a clue, you'd understand that brings you traffic, which should make you money.

Don't like it? Then slap up a robots.txt file to ban the news search engines and leave the traffic for the rest of us. The story's not all bad news. Some publishers are waking up to search and figuring out how to deal with it. For another example of the search engines as menace to newspapers concept, see World Association Of Newspapers Dislikes Search Engine Exploitation, Clueless About Robots.txt Banning from February.