Google Confirms Midpage "See Results For" Results Out Of Testing -- What Should They Be Called?

I griped recently about Google not committing to some of its user interface experiments. Well, they have with one of them, those middle-of-the-page "See results for" suggestions that some have seen. They have been declared officially part of the Google web search results pages, not just an experiment that might go away. More about this below, plus a call for people to suggest a common name for them.

GoogleGuy confirms the feature is part of the regular Google UI in one of our SEW Forums threads, after yet again, someone was asking about them.

Our long-standing thread about this feature is here: New Middle Of The Page "More Results" Experiment On Google. It gives lots of examples on how the feature works. Currently, you should be able to see if in a search for relentless. You should get a section midway down that says:

See results for: relentless records

Relentless logo. New site coming soon... Recording artists: KT Tunstall ·
Joss Stone. A&R contact: Relentless 43 Brook Green ...

Relentless "Metal" Records. Welcome to our domain... Enter. © RELENTLESS "METAL"
RECORDS. Tax Attorney · Tax Attorney.

Relentless Records Home
Resurrection was released in 1999 by Angel Witch Productions associated with
Relentless Records, then put out by Crook'd Records, then bootlegged by Zoom ...

Some further background is here, along with them being spotted way back in early August 2005. It can be hit and miss about what exactly triggers it. However, if you do see it happen, others should also see it for the same query.

I was also talking with Google about this feature directly yesterday. I was told these were made part of the official UI a few weeks after initially being tested. They were deemed successful, so Google made them a regular feature.

As GoogleGuy notes, Google expects to have documentation up on Google's guide to its web search results pages shortly. But they don't have an official name for these yet.

So let's help! What do you think they should be called? I'll throw out one suggestion. Call that section the MidBox or MidBox Results. We already have OneBox results at the top of the page, so it kind of fits in with that but also communications the position on the page.

What do you think of the feature? Have some suggested names? Please comment in our SEW Forums thread, Google Confirms Mid-Page "See Results For" Section No Longer A Test; Suggest A Name!

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