Search Marketing Magazine Coming Soon

Boris Mordkovich has been after me to mention his forthcoming quarterly magazine, the Search Marketing Standard. And I'm happy to do so, since it's definitely looking real now.

Boris sent me some screenshots last week, and Philip over at Google Blogoscoped got the same. You can have a look nicely posted cover over there. Want to read the magazine? It debuts in a few weeks, and if you're US based, you can get the first year free through April 30. And that's free -- no credit card is apparently required. Those of us outside the US have to cough up the $20 bucks.

Another magazine was rumored to be coming out last May, but that never seems to have happened. But it's nice to see this one now. It's another sign of search growing up to the point that those who simply prefer material printed on dead trees can tune into the industry. And I'm a firm dead tree reader myself. Plus, magazines help make coffee tables look nice and they're handy for, you know, catching up in the bathroom.

Oooh, did he really write that? Yeah, like I'm the only one doing quality reading in there :)

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