And Now, Google Takes Flak Over Google Logo Doodle

Those crazy kids at Google, always whacking together some twist on the Google logo to honor someone or something. Now it's gotten them into trouble.

Yesterday, the logo took on the look of surrealist painter Joan Miro. It certainly caught my wife's attention. "What's with that," she asked me last night, not particularly thrilled with the current change.

I explained Google's long history of doing these type of logos, which prompted her to ask if they were going to do anything for The Queen's 80th birthday (that's today; answer, a big no).

Probably best they didn't. They wouldn't want Her Majesty getting ticked perhaps in the way the family of Joan Miro did.

Artist's family asks Google to take down today's 'painted' logo from the San Jose Mercury News covers how Google was asked to remove the logo, with copyright issues cited as the reason for the takedown request.

Google immediately declared the Google Artwork Scanning Program (GASP) as a response, where it will be heading into museums around the world to scan images of art regardless of copyright concerns.

Nah. They took the logo down, even though they thought they were fine on the copyright front.

SiliconBeat has a post and some discussion on the issue, if you feel the need to defend or decry.

Can't get enough Google logos? Google Logo-Snubs England (& The US, California, ...) has some background on who and what gets doodled, as the logos are called. Here's the archive of holiday doodles. And hey kids in the UK! You can get your own doodle featured in this new contest from Google.

Off now -- gotta get my boys doodling so we can get that "week-long trip of a lifetime for them and their family to the Googleplex office in California."