Former Yahoo Exec Toni Schneider On Life At Automattic

Yahoo's had a number of executives depart to start-ups and smaller companies recently. Toni Schneider was one of them, leaving last January. Swapping job security for a startup at Business 2.0 has John Battelle talking with him about making the move to Automattic.

It's interesting to hear that despite the sale of Oddpost for $29 million, which Schneider headed, he still has to work for a living. Also interesting was his redefinition of comment spam as "web spam" and how fighting it with the Akismet service that Automattic runs is a revenue source.

I'm sorry -- I just can't help myself over the irony of Automattic making money fighting comment spam while just over a year ago, the company's WordPress side got dinged for making money through search spam.

I know, I know. Just let it go. Certainly Automattic's new direction and recent funding probably means they won't find themselves going the search spam route again, accidentally, inadvertently or otherwise. And goodness knows the irony remains even bigger about Google's Blogger service generating plenty of search spam that it in turn has to fight.