Google Click Fraud Settlement: Why One Online Merchant Is Opting Out is a company spotlighted in a recent Associated Press article about the proposed settlement of a class action suit against Google over click fraud. Boiling over Bum Clicks from Multichannel Merchant takes a closer look at's experience with alleged click fraud and why the company plans to just say no to the settlement.

The story details how didn't feel Google took seriously its claims, ironically despite also having used the company has a success story for AdWords. From the article:

The result, Thys says, was a boilerplate e-mail message from Google?s quality enforcement team informing him that the company had concluded, after examining his data, that it had caught those bogus clicks before he was charged for them and therefore that he had no fraud credits coming. The message contained no itemized details about the data Thys had found suspect. ?They simply said, ?Thanks for the data, and by the way, our algorithms are smarter than you, and we?ve determined these clicks were filtered out already.??

To add insult to injury, the e-mail was signed simply ?Ray?. ?No last name, no phone number, no e-mail address,? Thys says. ?To me that was insulting. We were spending upwards of $20,000 a month with Google almost since they started selling PPC ads. We followed their reporting procedure. Getting that kind of result didn?t sit too well with me.

While opting-out of the settlement, the company has no plans to join another lawsuit or start a new one. Instead, it hopes for an expanded pay-per-call system, something Google is testing:

What would make Thys feel better about running performance ads on the big search engines?

?Calls,? he says. ?I?m begging for Google to expand their distribution network with pay-per-call.? His company has run a small program on the network operated by pay-per-call provider Ingenio and seen some good results. The model makes perfect sense for, which after all began life as 1-800-Radiator and operates its own CRM call center.