Google Calls On Users To Lobby For Net Neutrality

Google cofounder Sergey Brin might not have been able to lobby all the US senators he wanted earlier this week to stop a bill that threatens net neutrality. But Google still has a big stick to wave -- its users. The Debate over Net Neutrality on the Official Google Blog urges Google users to call their representatives and ask that the bill be stopped (it's up for a vote this week).

The blog points to an open letter Eric Schmidt has written to Google users, bulletpointing three action steps -- call, sign online petitions and sign-up for a new Google Policy Alert list. That list is notable. It will give Google the ability to mobile users for future policy fights -- assuming they jump in on it, of course.

The really big gun has yet to be rolled out. There's nothing I see on the Google home page about the call to action. C'mon Google, if you're that serious about it, put something out where your users will actually see it, on the home page.

Searches on net neutrality don't bring up any Google house ads that target those in the US. They do bring up ads for the two online petitions Google is promoting: ItsOurNet and No idea if these are free or discounted ads -- I'll check on this and postscript if this turns out to be the case. I suspect not.

Unofficially, Microsoft calling for action. At least Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble is, in his Key network neutrality bill up for vote tomorrow.

Postscript: Net neutrality failed in a US House Of Representatives vote yesterday, sadly.