Search Headlines & Links: July 13, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we've spotted but not blogged separately:

  • Daily SearchCast, July 13, 2006: SES Latino; Yahoo's Expansion To US Hispanic Sites; Google Does Radio Ads Survey & More!
    Today's search podcast covers the SES Latino show that just concluded in Miami; a new Yahoo deal to reach Hispanics; Google & radio ad moves; search engine office expansions; Google Force One revisited and more!
  • Google Adds Supports For NOODP Tag To Opt Out Of ODP Titles
    Singing for joy! Google has now added support for the NOODP tag that MSN initiated on May 22nd of this year. Yes, Danny asked for this back in June, and now Google has granted our wish. If you have one of those pesky titles pulled from the ODP ( directory, don't fret it, just add the NOODP tag. How do you do it? Just add <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOODP"> to your page source. If you want to just exclude MSN use <META NAME="msnbot" CONTENT="NOODP"> if you just want to exclude Google use <META NAME="googlebot" CONTENT="NOODP">....
  • Speculation: Google To Begin Selling Radio Ads Through AdWords Soon
    TechToolBlog said he received a survey from Google specifically asking questions about radio ads. Most of the questions in the survey are related to radio ads, see the screen captures here or the close ups Donna Bogatin has done here. He said that last time Google sent out a survey, it was about print ads, and then they ran print ads soon after. Keep in mind, DMarc Broadcasting, currently sells radio ads, but this seems like Google may begin pushing AdWords advertisers into the radio ad game....
  • AdSense Consulting Group Fed Up With Google AdSense
    Wired has a story on AdSense, not Google AdSense, but AdSense Consulting, the company who registered back in 1996....
  • More Details On Google Sitemaps Query Stats
    DaveN at ThreadWatch posted his love/hate for Google Sitemaps, but what I find to be the most interesting part is the discussion taking place in his post at his blog. Vanessa Fox, Google Engineering, from the Inside Google Sitemaps blog posted a comment at Dave's blog explaining why a the Sitemaps query stats may say you come up for a popular term even though you don't mention that term or phrase on your pages of your site....
  • Yahoo Reaches Out To U.S. Hispanics Via Deal With Hispanic Digital Network
    ClickZ reports that Yahoo has reached a deal with Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) to supply web search and sponsored search listings for HDN's 70+ Spanish-language Web sites. Reportedly, this gives Yahoo access to 2.8 million U.S. Hispanic visitors per month. The ads will be both in Spanish and English, not based on geo-location but based on the language used in the query. Yahoo would like to see more Spanish content web sites developed in the future, according to Peter Celeste, regional general manager for the Americas for Yahoo Search and Search Marketing. For more information on the Hispanic market, check...
  • Counting Links At The Search Engines
    Rand has an excellent post on how to get your hands dirty by manually checking your links at the various search engines. He reviews Google's link command and how bad it is. He also reviews MSN's link command and explains how you can add modifiers to the link or linkdomain commands (i.e. exclude site A from the command). Rand then reviews the Yahoo link command, and explains that although Yahoo has Site Explorer, the "most accurate" result set still comes from He recommends you use and then append &b=999 to the end of the URL manually. Like MSN,...

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