Google Guess, Google Real Estate - New Google Coming Services Found?

Via Google Blogoscoped, What's in Google's Sandbox? from Tony Ruscoe has him stumbling upon new services that Google may plan to release such as Google Events, Google Real Estate Search and "Google Guess."

Want to try it out yourself? Go to It looks like Google Checkout, but ignore that. Don't try to sign in with an existing Google Account that you have. You need to create a new one just for this sandbox service, Ruscoe says. And that seems to involve registering your credit card, so I gave it a pass.

Postscript: Tony contacted me to say there's a way to register via the sandbox area and not have to enter credit card details. He emailed:

This isn't the case. All you need to do is remove everything after the "service=sierra" parameter from the URL you're directed to (which is for the Google Checkout service) and you'll be able to register an account without entering your credit card details... or just follow this link:

You'll then be able to append "?service=codename" to that URL to add each of the services I included in my post.

I went to, opened a new account, then went back and did this:

See the part in bold? The re part? That's the codename for one of these Google services, which Tony has listed in his post. Doing that let me sign up for Google Real Estate Search. After the screen to enroll came up, I got an error message and kicked back out into a personalized Google home page.

That's OK. Now go to and sign back in. The next screen will show your account, and you'll see that Google Real Estate Search is now one of your subscribed services. Clicking on the link doesn't do anything, but at least you can make cool screenshots like everyone else :)

To add more services, keep going back as above and use different code names.