Aug. 21, 2006 Search News Forecast: Cloudy!


Techmeme remains quiet, but I see stormclouds after scanning my over 100 feeds in RSS Bandit. Expect search news to close in and cloud those sunny skies of last week.

The comScore declaration of Yahoo finally gaining share after months of saying they were down will buzz a ton of clouds across the sky. I'll be doing more on that later today on the blog.

Google as the new evil Microsoft that stomps on small companies is old news, but the "Kiko Affair" where a small calendaring start up pulls out has people like Paul Graham bringing the idea back. Watch it spread further today, as it hit over at John Battelle already. We're skipping a deeper look, ourselves.

Farecast finally expands with data for more than Seattle and Boston, and that's already getting buzz such as here.

Google Base is now providing listings statistics, which we'll look at more today, and that's sure to fuel up the look out eBay crowd.

Hey, you can also now see me on video doing a Q&A with Eric Schmidt at SES earlier this month at Google Video here or transcript here.

That's just some of the news so far. Overall, there should be no major downpour of serious search news but more likely cloudy commentary on the industry that will vie for your attention.

Remember, predicting search news is never perfectly accurate, and search weather can change unexpectedly. Stay tuned to the Search Engine Watch Blog, and we'll keep you updated on weather changes throughout the day. Icon borrowed from Yahoo Weather, until we finally get our own going.