Google Now Searching 200 Years of News

News search services like those offered by Yahoo, and Google are great for contemporary events, but none keep stories around for more than a month or so. You can search news going back from many sources farther than that, but all charge for access to read the articles. Google today has launched a hybrid news search service that searches back more than 20 decades, and offers both free and fee-based results. It's an intriguing service, and I've got more details in today's SearchDay article, Google Debuts 200 Year News Archive Search.

Postscript From Danny: Expect us to do a follow up now that the service is actually live. It still looks interesting, but it's also a surprise to see something like google give me a timeline that ends in the 1960. I'm looking forward to playing with it more, plus I'll also post to reviews others are doing. Meanwhile, coverage from elsewhere especially with quotes from content owners participating in the program: