Netscape's Jason Calacanis Keynoting SES Chicago

I'm very happy to announce that Netscape general manager Jason Calacanis will be doing keynote conversation for SES Chicago 2006. This will happen from 9-9:45am on Tuesday, December 5. Just over a year ago, Jason sold the Weblogs Inc. blog network to AOL. Since then, he's been revitalizing the Netscape brand by transforming it into a social news site. Detractors have called Netscape a Digg clone and got incensed when he offered to steal away top Digg contributors with cash. Undeterred, he said spreading the wealth would benefit everyone. That includes perhaps rewarding bloggers with links rather than cash for finding stories. Is the rise of social media just a bubble or the beginning of a massive change on how we consume media? Will citizen journalists put professional publications out of business? Often controversial, always outspoken, Jason will share thoughts on these and other issues.