Groowe Toolbar Gets Digg & Delicious Support

Groowe is that rare product promising to improve search that I've stuck with over the years. Indeed, this toolbar that lets you search multiple search engines is on my list of new things I always install on a new computer. Now version 1.5 for Firefox is out, with new support for Digg and Delicious. Fantastic!

I've been using Delicious more lately, but I hate having yet another toolbar cluttering my screen (I use the Delicious bookmark, which meant enabling my bookmark toolbar that normally I never use). Now if I want to post to Delicious, it's just a click to make the Groowe toolbar get that functionality:

Groowe With Google Support

Want to Digg something? Just select:

Changing Groowe

Then click, and now you have I have special Digg elements:

Groowe With Digg Support

Need to search Google? No problem:

Groowe With Delicious Support

There's all the key functionality of the Google Toolbar, including things like translate and cached page viewing, right within Groowe.

Even better, with a click you can hit Yahoo, Ask and MSN as well. Yes, MSN needs to be updated to Windows Live -- but though the old name is used, it will still resolve back to Plus, you can add it manually by using the customization page here, along with others.

I can't recommend Groowe enough. One toolbar, so many search engines and functionality. I love it!