Avenue A | Razorfish Releases "Actionable Analytics" Report

Avenue A | Razorfish released a new report today which addresses the connection between Analytics and future Search Marketing success. Yes I do work with AA|RF, but I feel that the report has excellent information that can be of use to any marketer engaged in the online space.

The report discusses in detail the topics of media analytics as well as web site analytics and CRM issues. The media analytics section suggests “measurements and analyses that allow you to determine challenges ranging from allocating marketing spend across media to creating the right mix of brand and direct response marketing."

It includes sections about brand versus direct response and developing advanced attribution models. The web analytics section claims that many current tools are “flawed if used as holistic media measurement solution, and should be augmented with purpose-built media analytics tools.”

The CRM section includes a case study of a project for Alaska Airlines. It recommends methodologies to create a seamless customer experience, and describes how to extend segmentation and personalization to email and direct mail. Lastly, it suggests how to plug online media into an e-CRM solution.

The report is available free via registration here. I will go to Search Engine Watch forums later today to start a thread to the findings presented, and will add a link here then.

About the author

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Since 2004 he has been a highly rated speaker and moderator at conferences and partner events all over the world, covering search engine marketing, social media, analytics, and evolving tactics including the promotion of better SEO integration across marketing channels. He has served on the Global Board of Directors of SEMPO since 2006, and co-hosts the weekly podcast SEO Rockstars from Webmasterradio.fm. Chris blogs for various industry publications, but most of his writing involves analysis and recommendations for clients, while promoting integrated online marketing and branding to a qualified target audience.