Mike Grehan Back With New SEO Brand

Even while the last vestiges of his former company, MarketSmart Interactive, are absorbed into the Think Partnership borg, Mike Grehan has set up shop under a new brand, Searchvisible.

Grehan's Smart Interactive was acquired by Think Partnership in March 2005, and rolled up under the MarketSmart name with WebSourced and KeywordRanking, which it had acquired previously. Grehan left MarketSmart in August 2006, to become a "search marketing nomad."

Grehan's departure followed other high-profile splits at WebSourced, including Jason Dowdell, Andy Beal, and Heather Lloyd-Martin, who lasted less than a year before returning to SuccessWorks.

Last week, most of the remaining 31 people working for MarketSmart were laid off, with a few execs moving over to Think Advertising, the company's full-service marketing division.

"This consolidation and streamlining of products, services, staff and resources is part of a greater, company-wide effort. Think Partnership has spent the last 7 months transforming from a holding company with several independent subsidiaries, to one corporation with neatly organized product and service offerings," Rachel Honoway, Think Partnership's VP of marketing, told SEW.

Discussion of the move can be found on ThreadWatch, and Andy Beal added his thoughts on Marketing Pilgrim.

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