YouTube Announces 2007 YouTube Video Awards

According to an announcement made today, now is your chance to vote for 2007 YouTube Video Awards. These awards will honor the best user-created videos of 2006. The voting period begins on Monday, March 19 and ends on Friday, March 23 and is open to the YouTube community. To vote, community members will simply browse the award categories and place the nominees in their preferred rank order from their favorite to least favorite. The nominees have been selected from the site's most popular original videos and for ease in voting have are centralized in a gallery of separate lists, one for each award category. YouTube will announce the winners on YouTube on Monday, March 26. YouTube has indicated that the winners from each category will be prominently featured on the side and will receive a trophy.

Note: When I just went to browse the categories, I received a notice that the channel was not available. I'll keep an eye on this.

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