ChaCha Partners with blinkx for Video Search

ChaCha, a search engine that search engine that uses human guides to enhance its search results, has announced a partnership with video search engine blinkx for multimedia content. Now, the video search results shown on ChaCha will come from blinkx's index of the video content. Users of ChaCha can either rely on the engine algorithm for results or seek assistance from one of ChaCha's guides who provide real time search assistance. Both companies will share in revenues generated from these search results.

About the author

Amanda Watlington is the owner of Searching for Profit, a search marketing consultancy focusing on the interaction of the consumer with businesses using search engines, RSS, blogs, podcasting or other new media to deliver their message. She is a frequent speaker at Search Engine Strategies, WebmasterWorld and other industry conferences. She's the author of three books and has written feature articles for over thirty magazines and journals. She has twenty years of experience as a communications, sales and business strategy consultant, and over ten years as a search marketer.