Bloglines Debuts Top 1000

Bloglines today launched the Bloglines Top 1000, a list of the most-subscribed blogs in its feed reader. It's been tracking the Top 200 for a couple of years, but the list was expanded to include the next level of feeds beyond the most popular.

The list shows the feed's relative rank, along with its movement since the last update. Bloglines says they track the number of "active" subscribers who interact with a feed during a specific time period. No more details than that are being offered, to prevent gaming of the system.


We're currently ranked at 191 for the SEW feed (feel free to subscribe in Bloglines to help us along).

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The SEW Blog feed is at 231 (you can subscribe in Bloglines to that one too).

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If Bloglines isn't your feed reader of choice, feel free to subscribe to our feeds using any method you like.

While you're at it, why not favorite it in Technorati?

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If you haven't tried Bloglines in a while, it's worth a look. The new beta version has added several nice features, and holds its own against most other feed readers.

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