CMOs & VPs: Beware of IT Fiefdoms Ruling Marketing Roost

Have your inadvertently created an IT marketing fiefdom?

Is your IT department in charge of seach engine marketing (SEM)?

Have you got a little nagging ishy feeling in the back of your throat? I thought so.

Don't feel bad, we see the same sad mess in lots of mid-to-larger size companies. It's not your fault. VP types just have to trust someone.

Who better to trust than the ladies and lads over in the IT department, who've been coming through tirelessly for years. They do tech over there; they must be good at Google right?

Reality Check
In too many cases, you're wasting loads of money on elaborate systems with no vision; well-installed machines absent timeless marketing principles; and fiefdoms of executive elves who need some basic training in SEO 101.

Don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends are IT Department gear-heads: really smart tech-savvy people.

We actually even have some I absolutely couldn't live without. So many of us depend on IT for priority setting propensities, research skills, and willingness to crawl around like snakes on their bellies to connect broken things in an emergency. We even know search marketers who are serious technical masters.

There are young programmer rock stars who are way into search and know what to do. Guess what? They're smart enough to call a professional search marketer to build a credible in-house department or outsource SEM.

Let's Call it What it Is
It just breaks my hearty-har-heart when large companies blindly trust hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to part-time SEM types who coordinate technology in a building. Some actually oversee Marketing and IT. They're called vice presidents.

Don't cave in to IT fiefdoms. Trust that nagging little voice in your head. It will pay in the end.

About the author

Marty is author of "Killer Facebook Ads" (Wiley/Sybex 2011) and CEO of aimClear, an online marketing agency that has managed Facebook ad campaigns generating over 10 billion impressions internationally. Client credits include, Siemens, Second Life, Budget Direct, and other global brands.

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He has been described as “not your typical agency type.” A “social media maverick” and “more innovator than follower.” aimClear has become internationally recognized for its work in demographic research, especially as pertains to search, Facebook, and LInkedIn.

Marty and his aimClear team specialize in paid and organic search and social online marketing. aimClear’s services include blended search and social demographic research; search engine optimization (SEO) technical and semantic audits, analytics monitoring, and consulting; pay-per-click (PPC) audits, setup, testing, and ongoing management; online reputation management (ORM) dashboard configuration and ongoing monitoring; social media marketing consulting and data-driven community management; public relations; and copywriting.