Kickin' Off the SEM Crossfire with Frank the Tank

SEW Forums Editor and fellow Expert columnist Frank Watson is one of the people I most respect in this business, both for his technical and social skills. An opportunity for us to collaborate on a column was a no-brainer. When coming up with ideas, Frank and I pushed for incorporating other industry expert opinions in our column and providing commentary and analysis of our own; hence, "SEM Crossfire."

We both have sizable networks. We identified a hopefully exciting way for us to give to back to the community we love: sharing our networks virtually. Over the course of SEM Crossfire, we'll take hot button issues and provide a cross section of opinions – ideally allowing our readers to make more informed decisions. A lot of non-fact based information and opinion about search topics exist out there…so maybe we can be occasional “noise guard” technology for researchers and practitioners alike.

We'll take time each week to comment on each others previous weeks topic.. In today's column reviewing the reciprocal linking issue, I provided my brief thoughts on the two-parter Frank wrote as a kickoff, starting at the link above and concluding last week with insight on paid search landing pages. As we go forward, not only will be provide our own thoughts about the last week's column, but we may also include comments and opinions from forum discussions related to the topic. We hope to keep it civil. I certainly don't want to get blindsided one night by an angry Frank or forum member.

We hope you enjoy!

About the author

Chris has been a digital marketer since 2000, starting in-house in the insurance space and subsequently assuming growing leadership roles across large agencies and SEM firms. He recently founded Web Traffic Advisors, LLC, in upstate New York. Chris consults with and coaches business and agency teams ranging from senior executives to technical, brand, content, and legal groups; helping to improve validation, efficiency, internal acumen, and implementation. Chris has diverse experience across major e-commerce platforms, pharma, retail, and other industries.

Since 2004 he has been a highly rated speaker and moderator at conferences and partner events all over the world, covering search engine marketing, social media, analytics, and evolving tactics including the promotion of better SEO integration across marketing channels. He has served on the Global Board of Directors of SEMPO since 2006, and co-hosts the weekly podcast SEO Rockstars from Chris blogs for various industry publications, but most of his writing involves analysis and recommendations for clients, while promoting integrated online marketing and branding to a qualified target audience.