CrazyEgg: Free SEM/SEO Analytics Tool Blows My Mind

I'm constantly on the lookout for software tools and services that help us serve our clients better. Since I've been a closet geek and software junkie my entire life, I get a mild kick when I come across software that's well-designed and provides value and features that really stand out. Yesterday I was tipped off to one that almost literally knocked me out of my chair.

It's called CrazyEgg, and it analyzes site visitor behavior in ways I didn't think possible -- and presents the results in a strikingly powerful, engaging manner.

The thing is so chock full of features that time and blog space don't allow me to go into too much depth. In a nutshell it lets you see exactly what elements a site page visitor clicks on - in various graphically-rich ways - like a scatter-map (they call it "confetti"), or a "heat map," or a variety of other views.

It also allows you to test page variations against each other in novel ways - absolute gold for conversion optimizing.

Best of all, it delivers tremendous value, available elsewhere at a much higher cost. But they're giving away most of the valuable functions for free.

Run, don't walk.

P.S. Rumor has it a search industry luminary is behind the service.

About the author

PPC Advertising expert David Szetela founded Clix Marketing in 2003, following a 25-year career in technology sales and marketing. He is active in the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) and was the author of two lessons in SEMPO's Advanced Search Advertising course. He is a regular speaker at PPC Summit, MarketingSherpa and SES events, and his weekly radio show, PPC Rockstars, is broadcast every Monday at 4 PM EDT on