Social Media: Find Out Which 50% of Your Budget Is Wasted


The Social Search Track is only one of five choices conference attendees have at SES New York. It's all good.

So to draw a crowd to Social Search: The Next Step panel I'm moderating on Wednesday, March 19th we've added a new panelist. Someone you've never heard before.

That's right: a corporate marketing executive who will cut through the noise and hype about Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg --and tell you what works and what doesn't.

Meet Erik Qualman. Global VP Marketing.

He'll tell you where you need to invest your marketing budget next -- and where you're wasting your money to keep up with the cool kids.

No pitching. No selling.

If you think you're a social media guru--or a novice learning the ropes--you'll have a chance to grill Erik during the extended Q&A.

If you're a brave SMM, SMO, SEO, SEM -- you'd better be there. You may never live to sell another day. Erik''s a Spartan. After this session, you WILL remember the Spartans. As moderator, I'm hoping "mob rule" will take over my SES session SXSW style -- where the audience rules.

No videos, no cameras, no cellphones. No Tweets.

Only the first 500 people will be let in.

Live bloggers? You may be banned.