It's Unofficial: Google's a Monopoly (Googolopoly)


We've had our fair share of fun with Google, so we thought you should too.

The best original linkbait we've seen in a while can be found on the blog. is a web-based service that lets you store files online, share them, and collaborate on projects. The unrelated linkbait is a free downloadble pdf of the Monopoly board game with a Google twist.

The board game idea stemmed from animated discussions at Box HQ about Google acquisitions and new products ranging from Google Health, AppEngine, and Knol to Android, OpenSocial, Sites, and the rumored Skype acquisition.

So they created Googolopoly, a game where players can rule the internet even if they don't work in Mountain View. The winner uses Google shares to buy as many properties as possible without landing in the deadpool and losing shares.

Dice sold separately.

We're not sure how long it will be before Google, Hasbro and Parker Brothers cry copyright violation and trademark infringement. So if you want your copy, click quick.

In the meantime we've deconstructed the Googolopoly board so you don't have to read upside down and sideways to see the board tiles - or look silly turning your monitor on its side.


Boxnet says the game's all in fun. The devil with a pitchfork Wall Street cartoon character will have a lot of "Do No Evil" Google engineers laughing all the way to the bank.

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