Omniture Launches Analytics-Driven Site Search

Web analytics provider Omniture today launched Omniture SiteSearch, a hosted site search product it picked up in its Visual Sciences acquisition, which closed in January 2008.

The SiteSearch product was an early entry in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space. It was originally launched in 1999 as Atomz Search, part of its content management suite. Atomz was later acquired by analytics provider WebSideStory, which later acquired Visual Sciences. The entire company changed its name to Visual Sciences, and was then acquired by Omniture.

A few clients, including Verizon and BusinessWeek have been using SiteSearch as a standalone product, according to Jeff Minich, senior product marketing manager at Omniture. Today, it becomes an integrated part of the Omniture online marketing suite.

The biggest effect of this is the ability to impact site search results using data from Omniture's SiteCatalyst analytics package. So on an e-commerce site, for example, a search for "shirts" could be made to return the most popular shirts of the season, or those that return the highest margin, or those that are converting highest, Minich said.

"You can set business rules to break ties, or to push a page higher in the results," he said. "You can also combine metrics, and weight them relative to each other, and relative to the natural relevancy ranking in SiteSearch."

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