Facebook Overtakes MySpace in US Visits

After surpassing MySpace (and all other social networks) in worldwide visits last year, comScore is reporting that Facebook put the final points on the board in May needed to pass MySpace's US traffic.

This adds to a good week for Facebook - which recently launched its vanity URL program, hit 1 billion daily Facebook Chat messages and launched a Swahili-language version - and a bad week for Myspace - which shed 400 jobs (30% of its team) in order to cut costs and return to a "startup culture".

Still, with a #2 worldwide standing and a more robust range of advertising options than Facebook, there still seems to be a place in this world for Myspace - even in a decline. That is, unless big advertisers find ways to spend more at Facebook or learn how to leverage it with more success, at which point MySpace faces a death spiral of declining viewership and even fewer ad dollars.

What do you think? Where will MySpace be a year from now?

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