Yahoo Launches Display Ad Marketplace

Yahoo today launched the pilot launch of Yahoo My Display Ads, a self-serve display ad marketplace for ads on Yahoo sites and partner sites.

The ad customization part of the program is being powered by Seattle-based technology provider AdReady. The ad inventory is managed by Yahoo's Right Media exchange, and includes both Yahoo sites and partner network sites.

Advertisers can create and customize campaigns using more than 800 display templates, choosing either CPM-based (cost-per-thousand impressions) or CPC-based (cost-per-click) pricing. Ads will be targetable by geography, channel or audience demographics.

Yahoo My Display Ads is an extension of a limited program Yahoo and AdReady offered to a number of managed Yahoo Small Business customers last year.

"This new solution provides an affordable and accessible option for businesses to run brand and performance campaigns that reach the local audiences that matter to them most," Joanne Bradford, senior VP of North America revenue and market development at Yahoo, said in a statement.

Yahoo, like Google before it, is looking to convert some of its search ad business to the more lucrative display ads. Yahoo has offered display ads across its network since its inception, but the ability to create ads from templates should make it easier for smaller businesses to get into the display ad market.

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