DoubleClick Invests In Real-Time Online Ads Bidding With Invite Media Buy

Google's DoubleClick said it has acquired start-up Invite Media, a unified platform for "real-time bidding" and display of online media for an undisclosed sum.

DoubleClick.JPGThe acquisition is part of the company's move to invest in the "advertising ecosystem", which, DoubleClick believes, has great potential.

"Real time bidding technology... enables advertisers and agencies to tailor their bids on an impression-by-impression basis, based on their own data, when bidding on websites that choose to make their ad space available through an advertising exchange," DoubleClick said in a blog post.

Real-time bidding enables a brand or business to up the price of its bid on certain conditions, notably if the lead is already qualified by visiting a correlated area of a website before coming to the entry point.Thumbnail image for InviteMedia.JPG

While not specifying the financial terms of the deal, Neal Mohan, DoubleClick's Vice President of Product Management, stated the company's intention to "continue to invest significantly in improving Invite Media's technology and products as a separate platform and, in time, make it work seamlessly with our DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) ad serving product."

Invite Media's unified platform will benefit DFA's clients as a one-stop place for online advertising and it will continue to have its independence as its clients will not be required to go through DFA, the post said.

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