Big Bing Bang on iPhone, Maps, Site Enhancements After CashBack Farewell

After announcing the upcoming extinction of Bing CashBack, it seems Microsoft's search arm has decided to remain under the spotlights but this time for some positive news. Read on for iPhone integration and maps announcements.

iPhone 4 Integration
First, he'd denied rumors of Apple being in talks to drop Google for Bing during AllThingsDigital's D8 conference but yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced at the company's worldwide developers' conference WWDC that in fact Bing would be added as a search engine choice to Safari on the new iPhone 4 to be rolled out next month.

Bing Maps App SDK release
(Almost) At the same time, Bing announced it opened its Map App API to developers and released a Software Development Kit. To access the SDK, go here:
Developers will now be able to build apps for Bing Maps and to enter the "King of Bing Maps Challenge" that will run through July 25th.

New Bing Maps Features
Prior to a full release, Bing Map gives a sneak peak of its all Silverlight 4-supported platform. A slew of new features are indeed in the offing, including Bing Map App Rating, Photosynth Panoramas, Map Overlays, Action Bar, Reverse Address Lookup, Right-Click menu, Full screen maps, Breadcrumb, and many more. You can read about those novelties on Bing Maps Blog

New Bing Maps Apps
The Bing Map App Test Tool: the check you'll need to perform before submitting an app if you're a developer.

The Weather Map App from WeatherBug: with three layers (U.S. Doppler Images, Worldwide Satellite and WeatherBug Stations), you can pin a point on the map to get full weather information. You may turn off one or more of the layers to limit the data you want to view.

The EveryScape Eats will provide restaurant reviews and photos plus videos for a complete look and feel of the place before you elect to got there.

There should be more news coming from Bing this week as the company is at Tech Ed 2010 in New Orleans... so watch this space.

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