Search Agency Update - What Are Companies Up To?

Bits and bobs to keep up with search agency news: Inform Technologies, LucidMedia, Adknowledge, and more.

Inform.JPGInform Technologies, the developer and provider of semantic web solutions, raised $4 million in its latest round of funding led by existing investors Spark Capital, The Stephens Group, and The Oklahoma Publishing Company, the company said in a statement. Websites of media majors such as CNN, CBS Interactive, The Economist, NBC or The Daily News are using Inform's solutions. They are based on "proprietary semantic web processes to automate content categorization and relevancy matching along with the association of contextually related articles, images, and videos from a publisher's archive or from across the web."

LucidMedia.JPGLucidMedia, the online advertising demand-side platform (DSP) with integrated real-time bidding, said it entered partnerships with behavioral targeting company AlmondNet; auction-based data exchange BlueKai; and data company eXelate.
By providing marketers with a single entry point to data from all three sources, LucidMedia intends to boost its contextual targeting offer, the company said in a statement, without providing specifics on the deals. The offerings will help advertisers "to more accurately target their specific audiences in real-time as well as receive feedback on ad performance," said Michael Benedek, president of AlmondNet's Online Data Division. Earlier this month, LucidMedia raised $4.5 million in funding.

Adknowledge.JPGAdknowledge, the performance-based ad network, has completed its acquisition of cost-per-action network Hydra Group for an undisclosed sum. The combined Adknowledge-Hydra ecosystem will have access to 7,000+ of the industry's top CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA offers, establishing Adknowledge as the largest affiliate network measured by its number of diverse offers, it said in a statement. Adknowledge further commented that the acquisition is part of its wider plan to provide a single "must buy" auction marketplace, Bidsystem, for advertisers who are to expand beyond Yahoo! and Google. Bidsystem gives advertisers the opportunity to expand their reach across display, social media, search, and email channels.

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