Google News: John Lennon Video Doodle; GOOG-411 Done; Privacy Complaint

Google's first animated video doodle pays tribute to legendary musician John Lennon, who would have turned 70 tomorrow. Click on the Doodle and you'll hear "Imagine" and be treated to some drawings.

Starting tonight and running for 24 hours, YouTube's home page will celebrate Lennon's life, including a video from Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith and more.

Google Disconnects GOOG-411

Google will shut down 1-800-GOOG-411, its voice-powered directory assistance service, on Nov. 12. The service was launched in 2007, and Google credits the service for helping develop services now available on smartphones, including Voice Search, Voice Input, and Voice Actions.

Ex-FTC Employee Calls for Google Investigation

A former FTC employee and privacy advocate has filed a complaint with the agency. He wants the FTC to investigate Google, and wants the search company to "take proactive steps to protect the privacy of individual users' search terms."

Christopher Soghoian's complaint basically is that Google's privacy policy is deceptive and doesn't disclose to users that sharing data with third parties "is a standard practice across all search engines" and that "webmasters use this to see what searches bring visitors to their websites."

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