Infoseek Name Up For Auction Next Month

The trademark and domain name that once belonged to popular '90s search engine Infoseek will up for auction Dec. 8 in New York, for those interested in owning a piece of search engine history.

Infoseek was founded July 18, 1994 and launched in February 1995 as "full text information retrieval service," initially charging users for search results. This model failed quickly, and Infoseek became a free service, and had 7.3 million unique users per month as of September 1997.


Infoseek sold to Disney in 1998, was closed by mid-1999, as it merged with Disney closed that site in March 2001, but later reopened as a portal solely for Disney online media properties (Infoseek currently redirects to

Two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, tried to sell their new idea for search, PageRank, to Infoseek back in 1996.

"Go pound sand I told them" said Steve Kirsh, founder of Infoseek. "I wasn't impressed with their demo at all."

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