Google Places: Metrics Data Missing & New Landing Page

Even before Marissa Mayer moved to local search, Google was rolling out frequent local search updates. From insights to tags, Local to Places, and the ability to do reputation management; Google Places has been one of the Google products that never wanders too far from the news roll.

Today, we are covering the new landing page at This now suggests users to do the following:


1) Share Google Places to a Mobile Phone.
2) Add a business to Google Places.
3) View Google's HotPot - business rating platform.
4) Google Places Boost

Barry Schwartz also caught a blurb in the Places support forum,

Brianna, Google Employee: We are aware that dashboard statistics for listings have not been updated since February 18. We are actively working to re-populate data for dates since February 18. Thanks for your patience


When data is missing for more than two weeks, it is a big issue. Google has not addressed this anywhere in greater detail than what is mentioned above. No word on how this is affecting those who pay for advertising through Tags and Boost.

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