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A Niche Search Engine for eBusiness
SearchDay, Jan. 30, 2003
eBizSearch is an experimental search engine that focuses on a very small niche: academic and commercially produced articles and reports about e-Business.

Searching for Public Records
SearchDay, Jan. 29, 2003
Many governments have put public records online, but all too often in Invisible web databases that can't be found by search engines. The Search Systems Public Records Locator can help.

Listen to the World
SearchDay, Jan. 28, 2003
It's easy to use the Internet to listen to news, public affairs and entertainment programming from around the world -- if you know how to find online radio stations. Here's how.

What if Amazon Were Free?
SearchDay, Jan. 27, 2003
Online Books has links to more than 18,000 English works in various formats that are all free for personal, noncommercial use.

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Paid Content Trend Is Dangerous (But Not for the Reason You Think)
Editor & Publisher, Jan. 27, 2003

Online content guru Steve Outing on the "premium content" trend: "News search engines, which send plenty of user traffic to news sites, won't see or refer their users to such material. And that has potentially dire implications for both hybrid-revenue-model news sites and for the search engines."

Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?)
Wired Magazine, Issue 11.02 - Feb. 2003

Wired takes a look at the successes and failures of Project Gutenberg. "The mechanics of a universal library are simple. The tricky part: harnessing the free labor."

Deep Linking
Free Pint, Jan. 23, 2003

Invisible web authority Paul Pedley on the legalities of deep linking: "What can we deduce from the body of case law that exists? The internet is truly global, but there isn't a single consistent message that we can take away from the cases which have been heard in different jurisdictions around the world."

SearchKing update: Preliminary Injunction Denied
Lawmeme, Jan. 24, 2003

James Grimmelmann on the SearchKing vs. Google lawsuit: "The ruling is definitely a Google victory. In essence, Judge Miles-LaGrange adopted Google's overall view of the case. Crucially, she adopted Google's argument that its PageRanks are "opinions" protected under the First Amendment, rather than demonstrably false 'facts.'"

The Lord Of the Webs
The Washington Post, Jan. 30, 2003

Leslie Walker comments on web creator Tim Berners-Lee's progress report on the semantic web: "Listening to him describe what the future could hold if everyone agreed to use common Web vocabularies makes me think he sees something special once again."

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