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Search Engine Strategies: Buying Your Way In
SearchDay, Sept. 27, 2001
If you think you can't buy your way into search engine results, think again -- the number of new fee based programs is at an all time high.

Writing for Search Engines
SearchDay, Sept. 26, 2001
There's a fine art to developing content that maintains a good balance between ranking well in the search engines and still appeals to the intended audience.

Leveraging Your Content
SearchDay, Sept. 25, 2001
Though they're 'cool,' advanced design techniques such as frames, Flash and dynamically generated Web sites pose challenges for search engines.

The Terrorism Directory
SearchDay, Sept. 24, 2001
Who are the people we call terrorists? Why do they commit such horrific acts? The Terrorist Directory helps you conduct your own intelligence operation via the web.

Elsewhere at INT Media

Where in the world should you travel - or perhaps even relocate - to pay less, earn more, and improve your living conditions? To help you answer this complex question, Macrofocus created City'O'Scope, an interactive tool for visually analyzing prices and earnings around the world.

Building the Organic Portal . . . One Visitor at a Time,,10379_891621,00.html
A revolutionary new approach to building a portal, a concept borrowed from the insect world, turns the information-organization process on its head.

Go Pink with Yahoo,2198,3531_892521,00.html
Popular portal sports a different shade all day October 2, to raise awareness about breast cancer and support a national research foundation.

IP Obfuscation
This script is useful if you want to hide an IP address (Web site or other) in a manner which cannot be viewed directly. It can also provide some privacy from anyone who is logging the sites you link to.

Automated Cross-Linking
More content is good; but relevant content is better. Simile Software's Media Server provides categorization and relevancy engines that examine your content and automate the display of context-sensitive links on your Web pages.

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