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Last Wednesday, I flew with my family on United Airlines jets from Virginia to our home in Colorado. We arrived at the airport two hours early, only to find the terminal virtually deserted. We willingly endured the additional security screening, and accepted the delay in our connecting flight in Chicago as part of the "new reality" of air travel.

The hardest part of flying last week wasn't tolerating delays, or even coping with fear. The hardest part was trying to reassure my four year old son that he needn't worry about the "bad guys" -- that they weren't going to start any "fires" and that he'd make it safely home.

My child had never feared flying before. In fact, he took delight in taking off "way up high in the sky" and in the inevitable "bumpety-bump" of landing. But the reprehensible acts of group of unknown terrorists had penetrated his consciousness and forever changed his view of the world.

Who are these people? What drives them to not only wantonly murder strangers but to violate the innocence of our children?

Search engine expert Dave Cohen asked himself this question, and to help answer it has put together a directory of resources relating to terrorism. The resources included in the directory are high-quality, offering a wealth of information that's often glossed over by the media.

The Terrorism Directory is categorized and searchable by keywords, phrases, or URL text. The directory is relatively small at this point, but Dave welcomes relevant submissions.

The Terrorism Directory

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