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New MSN Search Goes LIVE in Beta
Search Engine Watch Forums

"So, what do you think of the new MSN Search (beta)?"

Microsoft To Launch New Search Engine
Webmaster World

"Most search engine optimizers will be fascinated by the ability to play with sliders and try to reverse-engineer how Microsoft is ranking. Not since Nutch have people gotten such a good view at the different components in ranking for a major search engine. Because of that and the fact the MSN has promised their new search will go live by January, I'd get busy playing."

Google Launches "Google Advertising Professionals"
Webmaster World

"Much applause to Google in making this move. This is great for our industry and its many agencies. Google's embracement of agencies has been the most frustrating part of a wonderful experience in selling Google."

Black Hat/White Hat Article
High Rankings Forum

"To me, do all the black hat SEO [search engine optimization” you want if you're trying to make some quick big bucks... but do not even think about it if you have a REAL company that is in it for the long haul."

Organic vs Paid Traffic ROI?
Cre8asite Forums

"A well designed PPC [Pay Per Click” campaign should convert at a higher rate than an organic listing since you can control what the visitor sees first by directing him to the most relevant landing page. This is more important for targeted keywords than general keywords since the visitor is more likely in the information gathering stage on the general keywords."

Making Money With AdWords?
Webmaster World

"As for positions below 8 pulling traffic, they sure do! Pulled about 800,000 clicks from AdWords for an affiliate program over the last year or so & don't think anything is on the first page of results."

Link Building 101
Search Engine Watch Forums

"There are so many resources out there that Im sure might be missed, but Ill try my best. They are listed in random order and rather not say one is better than another, because they are all recommended reading."

Good Directory Scripts?
Search Guild

"Seems like demand is outstripping the supply of search engine friendly directory scripts that can handle large volume of categories and links. To me three stand out for larger directories..."

Lessons Learned: AdSense
Webmaster World

"A year and a half later with AdSense and still going strong - here are my lessons learned..."

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