The Week in Review

SearchDay #43, July 5 - JoeAnt Scours the Web
Despite its goofy name, JoeAnt is a web directory that offers several innovative features that should appeal to searchers.

July 4 - Holiday Break

SearchDay #42, July 3 - WebCrawler Gets "Deportaled"
WebCrawler has a new look and feel, returning to its roots and living up to its longtime motto "It's that Simple." The revamped search engine has ditched nearly all of its "portal" features and is now focusing exclusively on providing high-quality web search results.

SearchDay #41, July 2 - The Evolution of SearchDay
Beginning this month, SearchDay will experiment with new formats and content.

Elsewhere on

Interview: Michael Landau on Copyright
An interview with copyright law expert Michael Landau about the pivotal Supreme Court Tasini decision involving electronic rights. The Court held that absent an agreement or contract to transfer rights to publishers, the inclusion of freelance articles in searchable databases constitutes infringement.

Power Through Submission,3371,10296_794191,00.html
Search engine rankings are only one piece of the e-commerce success puzzle — customers still need to be satisfied once they get there. A recent ECTalk discussions focuses on the best ways to attain a high search engine ranking through various submission methods.

B2B To Be P2P's First Killer App,,11980_794631,00.html
Peer-to-peer computing promises to solve complex, costly problems in distributed computer networks. Though not flawless, P2P's first pragmatic application will be to solve problems with business-to-business commerce and content management.

Pop-Ups Be Gone
Had enough of pop-up windows? Surf Pal is an Internet Explorer add-on that gives you pop-up window control and other surfing enhancements.

Book Review: World Wide Web Marketing
Jim Sterne's latest book is chock full of useful sites and sage marketing advice that goes beyond other efforts. Learn what actually works when marketing your products and services on the Web.

Charging Toward Paid Content
More than four in ten consumers acknowledged that content can't remain free forever in a recent Jupiter Research survey. When will publishers start charging for content? And what types of content will they charge for?

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