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What's New at AltaVista and MSN Search
SearchDay, Feb. 13, 2003
Both AltaVista and MSN Search rolled out incremental improvements this week proving that the quest for more relevant search results is continuing full steam ahead.

A Visual Bookmark Manager
SearchDay, Feb. 12, 2003
NetVisualize Favorites Organizer is a bookmark manager with an interesting twist: In addition to storing URLs, it also captures a thumbnail image of each of your favorite pages.

Optimizing Flash for Search Engines
SearchDay, Feb. 11, 2003
Your glitzy Macromedia Flash animations may dazzle and impress, but over-reliance on Flash may render your website all but invisible to the major search engines.

Wikipedia - A Collaborative, Multilingual Encyclopedia
SearchDay, Feb. 10, 2003
Wikipedia is an ambitious project to produce a free and complete encyclopedia in every language, written by hundreds of volunteers working collaboratively together.

Recommended Reading

Why Do Google Hit Numbers Vary?
Slashdot, Feb. 10, 2003

You may have noticed an interesting anomaly with Google. Running an identical query at different times, or from different computers (even in the same location), may yield a different number of search results found. Google CTO Craig Silverstein offers an explanation for this seemingly unusual behavior.

Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality, Feb. 8, 2003

Anyone working on a link building campaign to boost web site visibility should read this fascinating commentary on "power laws" that influence the popularity of weblogs (and web sites). Clay Shirky writes: "Power law distributions, the shape that has spawned a number of catch-phrases like the 80/20 Rule and the Winner-Take-All Society, are finally being understood clearly enough to be useful. For much of the last century, investigators have been finding power law distributions in human systems. The economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that wealth follows a 'predictable imbalance', with 20% of the population holding 80% of the wealth. Jacob Nielsen observed power law distributions in web site page views, and so on."

Hiring a Professional SEO, Feb. 5, 2003

Web Search Guide Jennifer Laycock demystifies the process of selecting a search engine optimization professional or firm, offering tips on looking at best practices, comparing price and services, checking references, and deciding whether to hire a specialist or a firm.

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

What if Abe Lincoln had used Powerpoint for the Gettysburg address? This hilarious "presentation" illustrates just how far removed most contemporary presentations are from the once celebrated art of rhetoric.

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