Virtual Afghanistan; Terrorism Background

Afghanistan, on 50 Websites a Day,1367,47243,00.html
The media portrays Afghanistan as a harsh desert land with people living little differently than they did in the Middle Ages. The reality is different in varied and complex ways. This article is a rich resource for finding information on the web about Afghanistan, its people, customs and history.

A couple of other interesting resources:

The Terrorist Attack on America: Background
Foreign Affairs is making available previously published articles that contribute to an understanding of the tragic attacks on New York and Washington. Several of the essays analyze the nature of contemporary terrorism and the capabilities of the United States to combat it. Other essays provide the Middle Eastern and radical Islamic contexts for so much recent terrorism, including, apparently, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Arab Internet
An overview of the major portals, search engines and news services focusing on the Arab world. From Ciberpais, the online supplement of Spenish newspaper El Pais. The article itsel is interesting, but the numerous links to the various Arab world web sites down the right margin of the article are invaluable. Messy URL for translation from Spanish to English via;Url=;Sequence=core

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