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Anatomy of a Search Engine: Inside FAST
SearchDay #389, October 31, 2002
Here's a behind the scenes glimpse at the inner workings of FAST, the search engine that powers Lycos, and other regional portals.

Anatomy of a Search Engine: Inside Google
SearchDay #388, October 30, 2002
Search engines aren't just black boxes -- they are programs continually updated to improve indexing, search responsiveness and relevance ranking. Here's an insider's look at Google.

Making Dynamic and E-Commerce Sites Search Engine Friendly
SearchDay #387, October 29, 2002
Many dynamic and e-commerce web sites are unwittingly part of the Invisible web, but there are several strategies for making them more search engine friendly.

A Closer Look at Overture's Auto Bid System
SearchDay #386, October 28, 2002
Overture's Auto Bid program is designed to ensure that you do not pay more a penny more than necessary to get the top position for your search terms, but you need to understand the subtleties of the program to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law
Can't tell your copyright from your copyleft? Cybersquatters got you down? Have we got the book for you. Doug Isenberg's new book on cyberlaw shows the way through the legal minefield.

Practical XML for the Web
This excerpt from Chapter 5 of "Practical XML for the Web" introduces XSLT, going through the basics of using it to transform XML on the client-side, by way of easy-to-follow tutorial examples.

Is Content Going to the Blogs?
Could blogging be a communications strategy for your business? And what on earth is a "wiki"?

IBM Says It's Time for 'Smart Homes',2350,4191_1489021,00.html
Will the connected home offer new opportunities for high tech firms? IBM thinks so and has joined the Internet Home Alliance to help speed things along.

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