SearchDay Newsletter - Frequently Asked Questions

SearchDay is a free daily newsletter from Search Engine Watch featuring web search news, reviews, tools, tips, and search engine headlines from across the web. SearchDay is written by Associate Editor Chris Sherman. This short FAQ answers common questions and gives you an idea what to expect from the newsletter.

How is SearchDay different from the Search Engine Report?

The Search Engine Report is a free, monthly newsletter about search engines. It provides a recap of major search engine-related stories, as well as in-depth look at search tools and developments. To learn more, see past issues or sign-up for the Search Engine Report, click here.

How is SearchDay different from the Search Engine Update?

The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly newsletter similar to the Search Engine Report, described above. However, some articles in the Search Engine Update are longer and more in-depth, especially on search engine optimization and promotion issues. There are also some articles that only appear in the Search Engine Update. The Search Engine Update is available to those with paid Search Engine Watch memberships. Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

So which newsletters should I take?

Everyone will want to take SearchDay, in order to keep up on the very latest search engine news and to receive original content about searching.

Everyone will also want to take either the Search Engine Report or the Search Engine Update, in order to receive a regular update on major developments in the world of search.

We recommend taking the Search Engine Update, because of the exclusive content it provides. However, this is only available to those with paid Search Engine Watch memberships.

If you do not wish to purchase a membership, then sign-up for the Search Engine Report, which provides ample free coverage about search engines.

Privacy Policy

When you sign-up for one of our newsletters, you will receive only that newsletter and perhaps very occasional announcements from Search Engine Watch's publisher, Jupitermedia. Your email address will NOT be rented to third parties. Our privacy policy explains more.

Other sites have search engine headlines provided by What's different about the Moreover feed in SearchDay?

The folks at Moreover have provided us with extensive access to their database that goes far beyond a simple headline newsfeed. Each day, I personally select the headlines for the newsletter from a wide range of categories that I monitor.

I want to subscribe!

To subscribe to SearchDay, use the subscription signup box in the right column of this page, enter your email address and check the "daily" box, then click the join button. That's all there is to it!

I'm a subscriber, and I have a question about my subscription.

Please click here for the SearchDay subscriber FAQ.

I have feedback for Chris Sherman or a guest writer.

I welcome feedback, and though I read all comments time constraints prevent me from answering everything. To send comments to Chris, use this feedback form.

About the author

Chris Sherman is a frequent contributor to several information industry journals. He's written several books, including The McGraw-Hill CD ROM Handbook and The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See, co-authored with Gary Price. Chris has written about search and search engines since 1994, when he developed online searching tutorials for several clients. From 1998 to 2001, he was's Web Search Guide.