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Happy Birthday, Inktomi!
SearchDay, September 26, 2002
Inktomi, the biggest search engine you may have never heard of, opened its virtual doors to the public seven years ago today.

Super Searcher Guides to the Best of the Web
SearchDay, September 25, 2002
The Super Searchers web page is a gateway to thousands of exceptional web sites in ten subject areas, featuring hand selected links from some of the savviest web users on the planet.

New Search Engine Showdown Weblog
SearchDay, September 24, 2002
Super searcher Greg Notess has redesigned his essential Search Engine Showdown web site, and is now updating it frequently via a newly launched weblog.

Google Launches Revamped News Site
SearchDay, September 23, 2002
Google's news site now crawls more than 4,000 sources continuously, and in real time, making it a strong player in the online news arena.

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Plastics Could Solve the Riddles of Spintronics,4028,10497_1470391,00.html
The fledgling field of spintronics, which seeks to use the spin of electrons rather than their presence to store data, may have a future in plastics.

Forget Ad Formats -- Try a Customized Home Page
An online network breaks new ground in media. This time, even the users are happy.

PayPal Targeted by Fraudsters
The latest elaborate email hoax is aimed at getting account and password data from unsuspecting users of the online payment service.

MSN 8 Does Home Networking
MSN is the latest national broadband provider to jump on the home networking bandwagon, announcing free support and rebate on a bundled MSN-Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless base station service.

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