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Meta Search + Invisible Web + Virtual Librarians = Wondir!
SearchDay, June 6, 2002
A team of respected search industry veterans is building a new and different kind of information service that seeks to unify cutting edge technology with the web's original egalitarian vision of people freely helping people.

It's Tough to Get a Good Date with a Search Engine
SearchDay, June 5, 2002
Search engines have problems with calendar information. Bottom line: you may end up searching for dates in all the wrong places.

Finding Search Engine Optimization Professionals
SearchDay, June 4, 2002
Looking for help crafting search engine friendly pages and link building programs? These directories of search engine optimization and marketing professionals can help you locate the person or firm that's right for your needs.

Google Announces Programming Contest Winner
SearchDay, June 3, 2002
Google has awarded a $10,000 prize to a programmer who created a program that lets users to search for web pages within a specified geographic area.

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CIPA Internet Porn Law Tossed Out
A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has tossed out the law aimed at restricting Internet access in public libraries, ruling that the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was in violation of the First Amendment.

Gopher Hole Found in Microsoft IE
Finnish computer security company Online Solutions Oy says IE is vulnerable to attack through its Gopher client.

Factiva Launches IM-Based News,,10818_1300431,00.html
The new Factiva Alerts product will use instant-messaging technology to deliver breaking news stories to a user's desktop.

Cyberchondria is Spreading,,10101_1151011,00.html
The huge amount of online health-related information makes it easier for many Internet surfers to play doctor.

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A Portal of Call at
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An Idea To Can the Spam...
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VeriSign hit with marketing lawsuit...
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Yahoo co-founder Yang sells more shares...
CNET Jun 6 2002 10:08PM GMT
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Query on teachable search engines returns reactions... Jun 6 2002 8:11PM GMT
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China moves to block internet portals...
BBC Jun 6 2002 3:03PM GMT
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Reuters' portal to success... Jun 6 2002 1:12PM GMT
XML and metadata news
Remedial XML: Further reading...
CNET Jun 6 2002 3:13AM GMT
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With AOL Linkage and Speed, New Netscape Jabs at the Giant...
New York Times Jun 6 2002 1:22AM GMT
Gopher hole trips up Internet Explorer...
CNET Jun 5 2002 9:00PM GMT
Internet: international news
Half of Germans don't want internet access... Jun 5 2002 8:13PM GMT
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