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Ask the Search Engine
SearchDay, Mar. 14, 2002
What's the difference between paid placement and paid inclusion programs, and how do they affect search results? Stephen Baker from FAST Search and Transfer has the answer.

Introducing "Ask the Search Engine"
SearchDay, Mar. 13, 2002
With all the myths and urban legends surrounding search engines, sometimes it's important to get the facts directly from the source. Today SearchDay is starting a new feature to do just that, called "Ask the Search Engine."

No, Google Hasn't Sold Out
SearchDay, Mar. 12, 2002
Recent changes at Google have provoked cries of protest and alarm from both the media and webmasters. Pay no attention to this hoohaw: Google hasn't sold out.

Are Search Engines Biased?
SearchDay, Mar. 11, 2002
Can you trust search engines to deliver only fair and objective results? Maybe not, say the authors of a study seeking to measure how bias creeps in to search engineering.

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Eight Tips for Destroying Annoying Spam,3371,10380_987601,00.html
While there hasn't been an entirely foolproof method for eliminating the uninvited mail, here are some suggestions for reducing the amount.

Looking Into LookSmart
LookSmart's reach and offerings for large and small marketers have kept revenues rising, even during the downturn. A commitment to relevance keeps users coming back.

The Future of Interactive Television: Report From Two Alternate Universes
Will iTV be a prime-time sensation or as ho-hum as a warmed-over rerun? Will marketers have to invent new models or repurpose what they're already doing?

IM Gains More Virtual Agents,,2811_990781,00.html
Artificial Life, which provides intelligent agents for Web sites, enters the world of instant messaging. But it already has some big competition from another Big Apple-based company.

Sanger Institute Cracks Chromosome 20 With Grid Power,,3281_990331,00.html
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, working with Platform Computing, has completed the decoding of Chromosome 20, one of the 23 chromosomes that carry human genetic material.

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Google on guard for practical jokes...
Interactive Week Mar 14 2002 1:48PM GMT
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Yahoo says hello to Hollywood...
CNET Mar 14 2002 12:53PM GMT
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Governments weigh in on ICANN reform...
The USA Register Mar 14 2002 12:50PM GMT
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Web portal Lycos Europe says to cut 200 jobs...
CNET Mar 14 2002 10:44AM GMT
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MS Windows in every room...
BBC Mar 14 2002 10:15AM GMT
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Google Search Engine Unfazed by Googlewhackers...
osOpnion Mar 14 2002 8:04AM GMT
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Anonymous browsing returns...
San Francisco Chronicle Mar 14 2002 6:53AM GMT
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Tricks used to manipulate Google search results...
CNET Mar 14 2002 2:13AM GMT
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E-Publisher Wins a Big Round...
Wired News Mar 13 2002 4:34PM GMT
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Google hit by link bombers...
BBC Mar 13 2002 11:16AM GMT
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The Search for Profits Is OVER...
Fortune Mar 13 2002 11:10AM GMT
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ISP finds backing in fight with gaming giant...
ZDNet Mar 13 2002 10:05AM GMT
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The SEO Scoop on Inktomis Search Submit Pay-for-Inclusion...
High Rankings Mar 13 2002 4:42AM GMT
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