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Effective Search Engine Design
SearchDay, November 7, 2002
Representatives from Google, Yahoo, and Lycos share insights into how they design for their users, and what users search for when they visit the major web navigation portals.

Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI for B2B Sites
SearchDay, November 6, 2002
Many Business-to-Business web sites don't bother with search engine marketing, and that's an expensive -- and possibly fatal mistake, according to a panel of experts.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight
SearchDay, November 5, 2002
The most interesting, newsworthy or controversial discussions taking place in the numerous search engine forums during the past week.

The Search Engine "Perfect Page" Test
SearchDay, November 4, 2002
How effective are search engines at finding 'ideal' search result pages suggested by SearchDay readers? We tested the major engines to find out.

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Mozilla's Phoenix Reaches Milestone
Version 0.4 of the lightweight version of the open-source browser improves its pop-up whitelist functions, tabbed browsing and type ahead find feature.

Today's Portal Could Be Tomorrow's Porn
Domain name expiration problems have factored into some 1,500 mainstream Web sites becoming porn sites, according to research from Websense.

Why Is the Dictionary in Alphabetical Order?
Great content and great content management are only first steps toward a paid model.

Analyzing Web Analytics,2350,9921_1492401,00.html
The Web analytics market has shifted toward the ASP model, but will Web-based applications continue to offer advantages over licensed software when it comes to analyzing Web-site traffic?

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Online portals news
Yahoo reshuffles top execs...
CNET Nov 8 2002 10:58PM GMT
Domain name news
Verisign relocates DNS server to reduce risk of attack... Nov 8 2002 8:24PM GMT
Online marketing news
Spam continues to drive users to distraction... Nov 8 2002 4:33PM GMT
Online portals news
Terra Lycos revenue drops...
CNET Nov 8 2002 7:11AM GMT
Domain name news
'Domain slamming' hits Web sites... Nov 8 2002 7:07AM GMT
Online search engines news
Google adds new Web pages...
ZDNet Nov 7 2002 10:51PM GMT
Google Adds Two Country-Specific Domains...
Research Buzz Nov 7 2002 9:24PM GMT
Online portals news
Prudential Downgrades Yahoo to 'Hold'...
Business Week Nov 7 2002 3:32PM GMT
Online access news
When Everything Was Spam to ISP...
Wired News Nov 7 2002 11:48AM GMT
Online search engines news
Paid Results Pay Off For Search Engines...
Yahoo Nov 7 2002 8:54AM GMT
How to Impress Search Engines and Users...
High Rankings Nov 7 2002 7:44AM GMT
Online portals news
Softbank sells 17.5 million Yahoo shares...
Reuters Nov 7 2002 5:04AM GMT
Online search engines news
Google Turns the Corner to Three Billion Pages...
Research Buzz Nov 7 2002 0:57AM GMT
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