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Home-Grown Search Engine Optimization
SearchDay #459, Feb. 6, 2003
Managing a search engine optimization effort needn't be stressful if you follow these tips from a panel of experts.

A Portal for the Semantic Web
SearchDay #458, Feb. 5, 2003 is an information and community portal dedicated to the next generation web -- a virtual wonderland where we'll be able to do all kinds of cool things, including finding information with nearly effortless ease.

The Quest for Search Engine Relevancy
SearchDay #457, Feb. 4, 2003
Today's search engines are experiencing déjÀ vu, it seems, focusing on developing better relevance in search results instead of trying to entertain users as "portals".

Help Build a Searchers' Swiki
SearchDay #456, Feb. 3, 2003
Want to share and publish your own web search knowledge? Sign up to help with the Searchers' Swiki, a collaborative web site that hopes to become an extensive knowledge base for searchers.

Recommended Reading

Cognitive Dissident, Feb. 3, 2003

John Perry Barlow, the man who popularized the term 'cyberspace', founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation (and wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead) discusses the Total Information Awareness project, online activism, file sharing, and the prospect of a digital counterculture.

Yahoo tests new search layout
CNET, Feb. 4, 2003

CNET News' Stefanie Olsen: "Yahoo is testing a new layout for search results that packs more paid listings onto a page, a move that could increase its revenue and provide a big boost for its paid search partner, Overture Services."

Xupiter Mongers Deal Spam, Scams
Wired News, Feb. 05, 2003,1377,57553,00.html

Xupiter advertises itself as a useful "toolbar" provider, but beware: There have been numerous reports over the past week that the Xupiter toolbar installs itself without permission, and can actually render unusable certain versions of Windows XP. Wired's Michele Delio writes: "The Xupiter toolbar that is plaguing so many Internet users is the work of the father and son team of Saeid and Daniel Yomtobian. Both men are experienced in devising innovative ways to use the Internet to force their businesses down people's throats."

The Official Dave Barry Blog

I'm not making this up: The influential author of a book on the Internet and syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry has his own weblog that he updates just about every day.

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